Tuesday, April 18, 2017


When I first learned that there was an actual castle hidden away in the heart of Bar Harbor, Maine, I thought it was a joke.  But the more people I talked to, I became convinced such a castle actually exists, because nearly all the locals know of it.  Many can describe it in detail, yet when you ask when they were last there, they all of a sudden don't recall when, or simply reply what information they have came from others who have been there.
One reason for this sudden memory loss may have to do with the fact that the property the castle is located on is private property and heavily posted.  The owner of the land does not want anyone on it, period.  and no where on line can you find anything about such a castle.  Yet a few years back a piece was done on it in the local paper.  This was our first real glimpse something really is up there on the hill.  The story was about land on schoolhouse Hill that is being sold for house lots.  It went on to state that the family who owns much of schoolhouse Hill had built a huge mansion up there, this mansion many locals refer to as the Compound.  It sets high on the hilltop and over looks the grounds of the castle.
The story also said the family had a castle like structure built as a place to entertain their guests

This photo was given to  by a young man who stated he has been to the castle a number of times each year, and that the photo was taken from the top of a wall looking out toward Bar Harbor.
I talked to another young man who stated a few years ago as he was approaching the castle, a cop car pulled up and he was given a one time warning not to return to the area again or he would be charged next time.
Now just the other day I spoke with another person who was recently there, and if what he says is true, the castle may not be around much longer.  He said large sections of the castle have already been torn down, but that the walls, a few rooms and one tower still are standing, but clearly the structure is being torn down.  Only one room above ground remains, and an underground section with rooms and hallways is also in a state of being taken apart. 
Once an impressive sight to behold, a series of large columns have also been torn down, and when I heard this news I asked what was left, and was told pretty much the walls and one tower.  Locating the underground section is not easy, and it is not sage.  Safty, in fact, is most likely why the land is so heavily posted and patrolled now and than by a security guard.

This is being posted for historical purposes and the land the castle is on is private property, the owner does not want people on his land.  If you have old photos of this castle and would like to share them for historical purposes, please send them along to me and I will add them to this post.  If you do not want your name used, I will omit it.

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