Friday, November 21, 2014


My journey into the wooded land of abandoned trails first began when I heard a local talk about a place called the great Cave.  It was a map of the cave I went over to the COA to try and locate the evening I discovered d just such a map, however another journey leaped up and landed squarely in my lap.  On the old map I had before me was not only a place marked "cave" in the area of the Precipice Trail, above the word cave was an x, and above the x was the words "where the little girl died." 
So I had an old map with the words "Where the little girl died" written on it and an x was placed just above an area known as the Great Cave.    Below the x was the word Cave - was the cave connected to the death of the little girl?  And more  to the point, what was a little girl doing so high up on the Precipice?

The Precipice - Acadia National Park
In an old book I found the answer to some of my questions.  It spoke of two young school girls who had decided one day to hike from Eden, at that time the name of Bar Harbor, and visit a relative's farm located out on the schooner Hear Road.  The year was 1856 when the two 12 year old girls started out that day and neither could foresee that fate was about to deal them a bad hand.  As they neared the relative's farmhouse, the two girls decided to hang a right and head off instead in the direction of the Precipice.
  I later learned from another old piece on this that the surviving girl later told authories that they had decided at the last moment to hike up the mountain side to see if they could see a relavives farmhouse below.  The girl went on to say that her friend, Lucieatia K. Douglas climbed up onto a large boulder for a better view, and that moments later she also climbed up onto the boulder, when it suddenly gave way, tossing her aside with minor injuries and carrying Lucieatia down the mountain side to her death.

Lucreatia K. Douglass
I also learned that the family of the dead girl was poor and they could not afford to place a grave stone on their daughters grave.  The family was said to have taken a small wooden cross to the sport where their daughters body had come to rest and placed the wooden cross on that spot.

Map of The Precipice - Acadia Nation al Park
For a number of years the young girl lay in an unmarked grave in a tiny cemetery located between two churches on Mount Desert Street, almost across from the Jesup Library.  Finally her brother returned to Eden and paid for a grave stone for his sister.  The grave stone is in that cemetery, but depending on when you go there, it can either be upright or knocked over. 
Some have said they believe the young girls ghost haunts the Precipice to this day, stating that if your up on those narrow cliffs in the evening as the fog moves in off the sea, you just may hear footsteps coming up behind you, turn and find no one there, or you may hear something up ahead of you but see no one in sight.  I happen to be a strong believer in that u8nder certain circumstances, the spirit of the dead can haunt an area and the fact that she died so young, and her body lay for so many years in an unmarked grave is enough for me to believe there may be something to this.




  1. This is odd, I just read about this incident in Steve Perrin's book last night, he didn't share many details but I was talking about it with my partner this morning and we guessed he must have been on the Precipice to fall so far.

  2. Oh, was this in his TRAILS OF HISTORY book...